Motivational Muse: Voices

At any given moment your path could change

from challenges to self made choices

from joy to sadness within microseconds.

Yet, what should remain is

the solidity of your faith

the strength in your willpower

aligned with a moral compass

deep in the fathoms of love,

and compassion for others

as well as yourself.

I see paths forged of a

different merit system

and I fear for the narrative of

this world. Yet, I see unity of

hands stretching across vast countries,

a unified voice no longer silenced,

defining the definition of travesties

hatred, greed and vileness.

I read about their voices

an outcry for a different narrative

to their stories.

I am consumed with pride

like a mother who watches her

children rise up in strength.

I am overwhelmed with love.

—Linda J Wolff

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