Mindset: Trusting the Journey

Every day we can’t know what lies ahead, what purpose lies in store for us.

We must walk in blind faith, and trust

that our day will make sense.

Take the caterpillar for example.

And how it stops eating, and it hangs from a twig and spins itself into a silky cocoon. Within the protective capsule the caterpillar transitions through many phases of growth then to emerge a butterfly or a moth.

We must put blind faith in trusting our choices, and listening to the murmurs of change that create more happiness, joy, inspiration, and love.

We are like the butterfly in some ways. The transitions of thinking differently towards life changes from the childhood, to teenagers, young adults, and into our adulthood.

And each transition stems from the mindset, from your experiences.

I’ve learned to modify my thoughts from a simple place to avoid stressful situations. Through relaxing my body and muscles, breathing exercises, and facing the things that cause me to feel fear or anxiety.

10 Things to Do That Help You to Trust in Your Journey

  • Relaxing the body and mind, and controlled breathing.
  • Visualization, music, meditation to relax.
  • Change your thought process to a peaceful place.
  • Recognizing what causes anxiety and fear.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Eating mindfully, maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Rest, rest, rest.
  • Simplify your day, your life.
  • If you find yourself worrying or overthinking. Recognize it.
  • Have a strategy plan for when you’re feeling anxious.

Cope with life through catering to your mentality, by listening to your body, and unleash your energy.

Linda J Wolff | Dating & Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

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