Mindset: Pieces

Our past is pieces of our life. Some are wanted while others don’t serve our purpose.

It’s so easy to hold onto the pieces of our life that’s comfortable, even though those pieces and patterns stunt our growth. What we are really holding onto is fear.

Fear will paralyze us, and keep us in that place where we can’t move forward, this can be in mentality, in relationships, or our work environment.

And the sad thing is about this is we use so much energy and time staying in a place where we don’t grow.

When we can go forward in the perspective of opening and listening to our mind, our body, and spirit attempting to nudge us to do something different it’s our conscience essential

begging us to wake and learn from the past lessons, it’s when we feel and hear the murmurs of our spirit. And that’s when beautiful things or people will come to manifest themselves in our presence.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker


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