Mindset: Filtering

We are all capable of filtering what needs to remain and what needs to be removed from our thoughts, or life.

As we move through each day, each month, and year, we should grow wiser and find our purposes. We should recognize and transition into the person whose growth knows how to filter through the chaos of the world.

Also, the chaos of our day, to sort what’s necessary and those pieces that doesn’t serve our purpose of living.

It’s beautiful how things change in our perspective when we can process chaos quickly.

There’s a nurturing effect, a calming presence that slowly creates a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

We think from a peaceful place; the muscles become relaxed, and the spirit feels a surge of renewed energy.

We become reasonable and melancholy. That’s where beautiful things grow and people feel your warmth and light.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Published by Linda J Wolff

Hi, I'm Linda J Wolff! Dating and Life Coach, poet, and author. I'm here to help you open your heart to love and healing. With the added benefit of soothing poetry.

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