Mindset: Beginning Again

The hardest part of self-awareness is to begin again.

When you want to take steps to set yourself free from your past, beginning again is the hardest step. And it starts with recognizing you want to change your life.

It is the acceptance that people or things don’t bring you happiness or purpose, believe me, I know.

I found that I had brought many people and many habits from my past to my present, and with each one, I lost my power of living.

I had forgotten about the power and influence of my own well being, my own happiness.

All the people experienced in self-love, gurus of peace, self-acceptance, to freedom in the world couldn’t help me.

Nothing has more power and influence over your entire well being than your own guidance.

Only I could find what works for me. Only I could set myself free through using what God had given me, the trio. The mental capacity to think unique of my character. The magical influences the spiritual realm of God’s love, and a physical entity of my beautiful body.

In that power of influence one is capable of being free and begin again.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker


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  1. Linda I love it lot’s sweet

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