Dating: The Gift of Missing Me

One cannot be missed if one is always available.

When it comes to dating or relationships, too much familiarity can breed boredom or routine.

I have found that when we are self-confident and we can lead our lives outside the dating scene or relationship realm, we create mystery, intrigue and adventure.

I’m dating a man younger than myself and I’ve learned, I need my own space and time to do yoga, create art, or write poetry for my upcoming book. And he needs his space to live his life.

I’ve also found if we’re in too much close proximity of each other, a division starts to form. He starts pulling away from the relationship, so I have learned to create the perfect balance.

I have learned to lean back for a few days, we sometimes don’t reach out to one another. See, I know and have learned his life skills, events, his work, and of his children.

With all this knowledge, I know when he’s quiet that he is busy with life, and that doesn’t mean I start questioning why he hasn’t reached out. I trust him, and how he feels about me.

When he’s finally found a moment he can breathe and relax, he reaches out and says the sweetest things cause I have given him “the gift of missing me.”

See, if we step back and just enjoy what we can make of our day to day lives, we allow trust, we tell our special someone that they can live their lives without restraint or control. In doing so, this amazing magnetic pull is drawn towards us, and love grows a bond for a lifetime.

Linda J Wolff | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker


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