Motivational Quote: Baby Bird

What once was broken found freedom.

It was a spring day, beautiful for stretching muscles and observing the vibration of nature in its finest, I went for a hike on one of my favorite trails and along the pathway, I found a baby bird. Fallen and yet, still alive.

I looked everywhere to find it’s nest, and there up high in a maple tree it sat, I knew he had no chance if I didn’t help him, in his little chirps, I felt his fear, his aloneness separated from his family, broken winged.

One thing I had learned about wildlife if you are wanting to help is to not touch it, its beautiful wilderness, I pulled gloves from my pocket and scooped him up and took him home so he had a fighting chance at living. I bandage his little wing.

Day by day, he mended, step by step he became stronger, he practiced and practiced in learning how to fly until one day he lifted into the sky and soared.

This baby bird is you or me in our journey of learning through practice how to find peace in living, in being whole.

May you find your center of peace.

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