Motivational Musing’s: Acceptance in Loneliness

Do you resist loneliness so much that it creates desperation

and drives you to lose that part of yourself that’s sane?

For myself, I have been there. Yet, these days I have learned to stop resisting loneliness. Oh, I understand that miserable feeling that swoops in and tries to consume you.

Through time and practice I’ve learned that it’s my mind saying I need social interaction with others. The feeling of loneliness is quite helpful to me. Something I do is monitor the headspace I am in when I feel it,

and what my thoughts at this moment, feelings and sensations, did something just happened, were they tied to people or experiences that evoked these feelings to rise up inside me.

A willingness to stay present in the moment without judgement or trying to change its narrative

is acceptance. So each time I am feeling lonely, I take a few minutes and sit with the discomfort of this feeling. I lean back into a chair, relax my body, and let the feeling transition through me.

Accept it saying to myself: “I feel you and I recognize that I need to take care of you.”

I, then accept that I need to create a social connection with people, family , or friends in my life and follow through on making it happen.

See, when I take responsibility for tuning into myself then I am accepting my role in my happiness.

Hoping you enjoyed today’s message…

Yours truly, Linda J Wolff

Personal Life Coach

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