Motivational Muse: Obscurity’s

The fog obscures my vision, yet, I know there are other things that can have the same effect on me.

The small bird on the curbside reminds me of how I can loosen my focal point.

I use one word, “Distraction.”

When my mind is clouded with the mist of overthinking, or stress. Maybe I’m the vapor of particles suspended in a murky concentration of life.

I hate when I find myself there, when my path is distorted. Recognizing that pivotal moment you’ve lingered to long, snap, change it up.

I need to allow the sun to leak in, to warm my thoughts, to recognize I’m waffling in wasted time. Nothing is going to come of this if I stay in this state of confusion.

Now comes “clarification.”

It’s time to repurpose, get back on the road, clear the mindset of cloudiness and drive thru the foggy mist.

Snap, coffee in hand, pen scribbling…

Linda J Wolff | Personal Life Coach | Author