Poetry: Happy New Year 2023

2023 Poetry Muse…

I am awake before the new dawn of 2023.

There’s a small hum of people stirring,

cars outside my window, yet, I feel there’s a profound energy

I feel it on the horizon, and I am looking forward to

this new life, and awareness that I have practiced

in the last year.

I haven’t felt this passionate energy in a long time,

see this last year was about me, learning, growing,

and healing. I took my power back.

I recognized and defined what I feared

and practiced in overcoming them.

I journaled what I want for success and purpose for myself

and I implemented a success plan.

I replaced my insecure ego with my values, and prioritized what I from people and myself.

I am taking my power back and in 2023, I will create a transition into a more peaceful and successful life.

What about you? Have you made any new year’s resolutions?

Published by Linda J Wolff

Hi, I'm Linda J Wolff! Dating and Life Coach, poet, and author. I'm here to help you open your heart to love and healing. With the added benefit of soothing poetry.

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