Hard Truth: The Disguise of Pain

Hard Truth: Disguise of Color

Like a small monarch butterfly, I’m all colorful on the outside.

Yet, my soul is dark and empty, heavy like rain clouds.

Like a broken winged insect. I come here depleted.

Like a broken winged insect, I was caught in the downfall

and left on the pavement, soaked in grief.

God found me bathed in emptiness, and

He said: ” What has happened to you!”

“My grief didn’t spare me.” I said.

Yet, I know of the warmth of the spirit. It’s like sunlight on

wet, broken wings, like light trickling into the darkness of night.

This matters to me, to know its powerful essence .

The one thing I know, is I will come back from this

fluttering above an opened flower.

  • Linda J Wolff | Author | Motivational Speaker

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