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Welcome to Linda J Wolff Coaches. Let’s tap into our subconscious and mentally clarify our intense emotions, and change the way we react or act in certain situations.

Self-Love. Relationships. Healing. Poetry.

You have only one life. Don’t take too long understanding the mental clarity of owning it, and making it the most life-altering experience of a lifetime.


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I want to help you open your heart to love and healing. I want to help you master your mindset and unleash your greatness.

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Interpretation & Psychology Behind Mental Clarity

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Mantra: Say to Self.

I will not let fear decide my next moment or my next decision. I will pull from my strength and talk myself through to my goal.

I can get through this challenging moment; I will feel stronger for it.

Mantra: Don’t Overthink

Happiness is that little seed inside you that you must continuously and lovingly water every day.

Linda J Wolff

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